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Want to Participate in a Focus Group?

Please contact Millye Hale, our Director of Recruiting, if you have never participated in a focus group before but would like to give it a shot. We are confident you will enjoy the experience of giving your feedback on some fun new product or intriguing marketing issue.

Services In The Wild

  • Insight Sessions (Our Fresh, Updated Version of Focus Groups)
  • Field Interviews and Intercepts
  • New Product/Concept Testing
  • Ad Testing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Naming Strategy and Generation
  • Directed Ideation (Brainstorming)

Dwight Fletcher – Moderator

Fletcher’s expertise lies in his ability to make consumer participants feel comfortable and relaxed, putting them in position to reveal their most candid and innermost thoughts and feelings on the topic at hand. Participants consistently tell us that the experience was fun and interesting, that they got the chance to dig down and let us know what’s really going on. This is not feedback typical of respondents in focus group facilities, who all too often feel displaced and ill at ease in an office setting with a facilitator simply going through the motions. Fletcher’s down-to-earth sense of humor and ability to connect with a wide range of consumers, young and old, make this possible. And the venues which Spearfish uses, ranging from homes to bars to airline terminals to NBA arena suites to police stations – whatever makes the most sense for the particular initiative, work in tandem with his style to create this unique, highly effective environment.

Since Day One when he started the practice, Fletcher has reviewed every minute of every focus group tape, often more than once. It’s tedious, but that’s his way of ensuring that he captures verbatims exactly and sees body language he might have missed during the quick, back-and-forth, highly energized discussions he leads. And one of the reasons the reports from Spearfish are among the most thorough in the industry.

The results are richer insights, often breakthrough.