quantitative research

Delivering the numbers that clients need to make informed, practical decisions that illuminate the path to growth

We provide quality “Top 50” state-of-the-art research agency capabilities and expertise to provide both competitiveness and affordability.

Our quantitative focus is on primary market research, using a variety of customized quant analysis techniques that are driven solely by the research objectives and target population. These factors are also used to determine the selection of the most effective data collection method for a given study, including online surveys, phone interviews, mixed-mode, mail surveys, one-on-one interviews, mystery shopping and ethnographic research. We specialize in English and Spanish.

Our qualitative and quantitative research techniques can be seamlessly integrated in order to best accomplish the overall short- or long-term research objectives at hand.

Whether our clients’ goals are to assess awareness, penetration, target segments, satisfaction, loyalty, usage, advertising effectiveness, brand equity/image, pricing or positioning, our breakthrough results will clarify the path to informed solutions.

We handle respondent base sizes from 50 to well over 1,000,000.