Focused Jury Insights

ClearCase is focused solely on understanding how prospective jurors are going to respond to your case theories, the basis for your arguments. The firm’s decades of communications experience and expertise help them gain the most meaningful feedback from prospective jury panels to illuminate the strengths and potential weaknesses in your case and provide straightforward recommendations to create the most effective path forward.

Jury Panels of Real People

No matter the scope or complexity of the case, jurors will quickly let you know how they feel about the most important case elements, and it is our job to put them in the best position to express those perspectives. We do all the recruiting of prospective jurors, finding members of the general public who have never participated in one of these group discussions. Our superior results justify the extra effort this requires and help our clients determine which type of jury to look for.

Issue by Issue

Working with both law firms and corporations throughout the U.S., ClearCase develops reports written in consumer language, providing your team with thorough, realistic, and easy to understand points and recommendations. We detail the juror feedback, issue by issue, then let our client attorneys determine how they want to incorporate these recommendations into the most persuasive themes, storylines, and graphics. In other words, we let our clients do what they do best: namely, shape our results into more persuasive arguments already pretested with real people.

Faster and More Cost Efficient

Since we don’t present our company as an “end-to-end legal services provider”, our costs are much lower, and our report turnaround is in days, not weeks, with no compromise in quality. Being this focused helps us deliver what our clients need – more quickly and cost effectively. So our clients get to faster resolution.

Bring us your best arguments, and we’ll let you know how jurors are likely to respond.

It’s that simple.

For more details, please contact ClearCase CEO Dwight Fletcher in Dallas at 214.343.0002

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