Feedback from Some of Our Clients

Steven Ethridge

Research TeamAutoZone

Dwight was originally introduced to me by AutoZone’s CEO, Bill Rhodes. I quickly recognized his abilities as a skilled marketer and researcher. He is passionate about designing and conducting actionable research, and delivers excellent work, on time, and within budget.

Over my decades of market research and customer insights experience, I’ve worked with dozens of qualitative researchers. Dwight is one of the very best I’ve ever partnered with and a delight to work with.


Lori Kirk-Rolley

Marketing Vice President, Dal-Tile Corporation

I had the opportunity to work with Dwight and his Spearfish team while I was at Dal-Tile Corporation. Dwight is a collaborative, high energy, strategic partner who brought a tremendous amount of research experience to each and every project.

Dwight’s insights and learning from the research informed the approach and framework for several important strategic marketing initiatives. His ability to glean insights from research participants and turn them into actionable findings was unparalleled. His enthusiastic approach and comfortable interaction with participants made them willing to share their thoughts and experiences. Dwight’s expertise, forward thinking and passion for research is an asset for any company who is looking for a research partner!


Scott Terraciano-Spence

Founder & Managing Partner, Dugg Burger

Dwight’s hands-on approach allows him to tease out the insights that others might miss. His work for me has always provided actionable recommendations and spot-on predictions of success or failure.


Dan Huff

Vice President, Consumer and Shopper Insights, IRI

Dwight is very insightful and approaches every job with passion. His unique approaches and methodologies really help dig deep to get to true insights.


John Bartel

President, BartelCulinary Group LLC

I have known and worked with Dwight for ten years. In my capacity as Executive Chef and Head of R&D at Taco Bueno restaurants, Dwight was our resource for consumer research and he did an outstanding job.
As President of Spearfish, Dwight was pragmatic, approachable and was always laser focused on getting our consumers opinions on our new products, and then interpreting this data in a usable format.
I believe that this led us to many same store sales increases and the overall health of our business.
I feel that Dwight never gave less than his very best in partnering with me in our business and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a research professional.