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Understanding consumer rhythms – we can play in any key

Our Full Circle Positioning™ approach involves working independently and with our clients to assess the competitive market space in which our client partners operate or hope to operate. Our findings help allow us to develop powerful positioning platforms, frame idea generation and shape the brand to ensure optimal competitiveness.

“If you can identify one real strength in a player and accentuate it, that one strength can make a career for that player. I have to look at opponents’ weaknesses and strengths and see how they match up with ours. That’s what strategy is all about, exploiting their weaknesses and minimizing the matchups that are disadvantageous to you.”
– Bill Parcells, former NFL Head Coach


Consumer Optimization

To get our clients in touch with the hearts and minds of consumers, we use the Insight Session™, our updated version of the focus group. We employ non-traditional recruiting methods, which helps to create a more natural, relaxed setting for our consumer participants – and gain richer insights as a result. This is successful whether we are conducting the discussion in someone’s home, poolside, in a bar, inside a casino (we’ve done this and more), or in a more traditional focus group facility. Because at the end of the day, what you are seeking is what makes our firm successful: accurate, actionable insights.

Once we gain the insights we are after, we then determine their implications along business and marketing lines. These implications often serve as the catalysts for subsequent strategy discussions and ideation.