Studying Humans In The Wild


Since its inception in 2000, the Spearfish team has been exploring the consumer experience through journeys which closely examine the mindset behind every kind of brand consideration and decision.
We help marketers understand and appreciate the rational and emotional underpinnings of consumer behavior. Why consumers lapse. Why they take decisive, often unpredictable action. What triggers interest, consideration and selection. The why’s behind the reasons. All brought to you by our unique approach: Studying Humans in the Wild.
If you and your team want to explore your brand at a deeper, more meaningful level, sign up for the next expedition. We’ll introduce you to consumers in the wild.

“Having an insights person conducting the guest interviews greatly increases the value of the input.”

Cynthia Davis, Director of Brand Insights,
Denny’s Corporation

“I love the way Fletcher captures insights
and the way he thinks.”

Howard Terry, President,
Golden Corporation – Texadelphia, Golden Chick, Heff’s

“Spearfish did excellent work for us.”

Steven Davis
Former Senior Vice President, Pizza Hut

Spearfish is about one thing – communicating with consumers in their natural environment. The results are breakthrough insights.

“At the heart of every approach we take – the way we recruit, the venues we use, our method of asking questions, basically everything we do to gather meaningful insights – lies one sobering challenge: our clients really only have one chance to get it right.”
Dwight Fletcher, CEO